Multi-Mission Aircraft

N219 Amphibi

The N219A can land as well as take off in waters with a maximum wave height of 0.3 meters.

 4 Ton



Maximum Speed



Max Weight of Back Cargo Compartment 475 kg
Max Weight of Front Cargo Compartment 130 kg
Height 8,37 meters
Wingspan 26,30 meter
Cabin Length 6,65 meter
Cabin Height 1,71 meter
Cabin Width 1,8 meter
Empty Weight 13.665 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 22.000 kg
Maximum Payload Buoyancy 3,5-4 ton

N219A is Used for
Various Purposes

Such as passenger planes, cargo, offshore industrial charters, SAR, and disasters to health.

Useful for Tourism
Bringing tourists closer to tourist areas of rivers and remote islands.

Land as Well as
Take Off in Waters

With a maximum wave height of 0.3 meters.