Innovation and Technology


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Together with our stakeholder, here are our best products from Indonesia

Here are our best Products

Infrastructure & Technology

Several products were developed and produced in a large scope for infrastructure and technology to make better connections in Indonesia and throughout the world.

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Ecology & Tourism

Tourism and biodiversity are intimately related. Indonesia as a big mega biodiversity also enhance through its product to bring a balance for ecology and tourism.

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Digital & Creative Economy

A new economic from that integrates modern information technologies and cultural creative industries. Nowadays, Indonesia through its innovation, bring a connection to enhance economy from Digital & Creative.

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Health & Medicine

Pandemic Covid-19 creating a large wound that's not been healed. It has disrupted people's daily lives, and bringing economic activity to a near-standstill. Through our products in health & medicine, we believe to bring the world to recovery for a brighter future.

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