Medicinal Raw Materials


Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) together with PT SOHO Global Health develop innovation of medicinal raw materials (BBO).


Medicinal Raw Ingredients


Various Immunostimulant Herbal

Medicinal Raw Materials (BBO) Products

BoosterBac Temulawak

BoosterBac Temulawak is a BPPT product containing a consortium of endophytic bacteria and rhizobacteria.

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Lipidcare Cholesterol-Lowering Standardized Herbal Medicinal Product is a joint product of BPPT and PT Deltomed Laboratories.

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An Innovation Product from BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) Black Garlic-Based.

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Black Garlic

Black Garlic is the result of innovation by BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology), namely single clove garlic.

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Glucoforce is developed by BPPT and PT SOHO a standardized herbal medicinal product supplement that is useful to help maintain health in people with diabetes.

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Various Immunostimulant Herbal Supplements

Developed medicinal raw materials for Covid-19 patients through.