Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine


Innovation of the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) with Dexa Medica and PT Phytochemindo Reksa.


Herbal Medicines



Indonesia Indigenous Modern Medicine (OMAI) Products

Stimuno Caps

Stimuno Caps from PT Dexa Medica are phytopharmaca preparations made from standardized plant extracts of Meniran.

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Fatigon Spirit

Fatigon Spirit is a herbal immunomodulator product from PT Kalbe Farma, serves to assist the body's metabolic.

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Herbakof SP

A herbal cough medicine produced by PT Dexa Medica, which is practical to help relieve coughs and help clear the throat.

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A standardized herbal medicinal product supplement produced by PT. Dexa Medica, which is intended to meet the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women.

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Inbumin is a herbal medicine from PT Dexa Medica containing snakehead fish extract rich in omega-3, iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and water.

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Consists of Standardized Herbal Medicines (OHT) and Fitofarmaka (FF)

Has met the quality requirements according to applicable standards.