T-Bone KaeF Alternative for Morphine substitutes based on Samarium(Sm)-153 EDTMP.


Reducing Bone Metastasis


Reducing The Pain

2 months

Durability of Drugs

Reducing The Pain 80% for 3 Months
Reducing Bone Metastasis Lesions to 60% on Certain Doses
Durability of Drugs up to 1-2 months
Emits Beta Rays Energy of 810, 710, and
640 KeV by 46 hours of half-life
Emits Gamma Rays 103 KeV by 46 hours of half-life
After Reacted with EDTMP Solution Produces a complex compound of
After Dissolved in Hydrochloric Acid Forms Sm-153-chloride solution

Injectable Palliative Therapy Drugs or Pain Killers for Cancer Patients

Collaboration between BATAN, PT Kimia Farma Tbk plant Pulogadung and Kariadi Hospital Semarang.

Cheaper than any other palliative therapy
Samarium(Sm)-153 EDTMP (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Methylene Phosphonate).

Allows Cancer Patients to Perform Various Activities

without being suffering pain.